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Bowtie antique quilt


Bowtie antique quilt


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Bowtie antique quilt
made 1900-1920
72 inches by 80 inches

Quilt in cheerful fabrics of every color is hand quilted with small, even stitches in an overall close grid pattern. Most of the fabrics used in the bowties are from the early 1900s, but a few of the fabrics probably date from the late 1800s. It is standard practice among quilters to use their "stash" of fabrics, so this explains the range of dates. The bowtie blocks are 6 inches square with the colorful bowties placed on pink, or ecru ground.The back of the quilt is natural white color cotton.Size is 72 inches x 80 inches and was probably made in the 1900s or 1920s.Those photo shoes the quilt on the full size can see blue ,green purple, yellow ,brown,pink on the natural cotton back.There is a small light brown spot  and this is shown in one of the photos and described later in the listing and a few small rip on the side in one of the photo.